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E-grocery defined

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Detention in the contact of supply chain terms is a shipper’s fee charged when a truck is not loaded within a certain time frame, which holds up the truck at the warehouse or processing plant.
A European, 13-digit bar code that identifies products and shipping containers.
Hi-cone packaging refers to single products packaged together to make a multiple unit, such as beverages and small bags of chips.
A multi shuttle system is an automated storage/retrieval systems have been developed for use in factories and distribution centers because they are more efficient than single-shuttle systems. Mulitple shuttles result in improved efficiency, with more agile support and less waiting time for the system the storage/retrieval system serves.
The Edge Crush Test (ECT) is a standard industry measure of the stacking strength of corrugated board. The amount of force needed to crush on-edge combined board is a primary factor in predicting the compressive strength of the completed box.
Tertiary packaging is used for the protection and shipping of a product. Companies that ship any kind of goods uses tertiary packaging in the distribution process. If you have ever ordered anything online, you’ve received it in a piece of tertiary packaging.
Primary packaging is the packaging that most closely protects the product. It can also be referred to as retail or consumer packaging.
Polyethylene terephthalate or PET (also abbreviated PETE) is the chemical name for polyester. PET is a clear, strong, and lightweight plastic that is widely used for packaging foods and beverages, especially convenience-sized soft drinks, juices and water. PET is approved as safe for contact with foods and beverages by the FDA and health-safety agencies throughout the world. PET is completely recyclable, and is the most recycled plastic in the U.S and worldwide. Special grades of PET are used for carry-home food containers and prepared food trays that can be warmed in the oven or microwave.
Active fire protection systems include automatic features to protect a building and its occupants from fire. It uses moving mechanical or electrical parts to achieve the fire protection goal. Active fire protection systems attempt to contain the spread of the fire by dispersing water or other compounds.
A low air alarm is a condition in a dry pipe sprinkler system in which the air pressure has fallen below a pre-set level. This is utilized to warn the building’s occupants that the system’s air compressor may be compromised (or the power to the unit may be turned off) and a further reduction in pressure may cause the system to trip.

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