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A water column is unit of pressure. One Standard Atmosphere is equal to 10.33 meters wc.
A unit of pressure often used to measure the outlet pressure of a pump. The amount of pressure exerted by a column of water of a specified height, for example 30 in. wg.
A unit of pressure equal to 1,000 PSI. Frequently used for compressive and tensile forces on structural steel members and concrete columns.
A vertical datum used for altitude and atmospheric pressure. The average sea level on Earth.
A unit of pressure equal to 1,000,000 PSI. Sometimes used for the elastic modulus of metals, which can be very high pressures.
SI unit of force, the amount of force required to accelerate one kilogram by one meter per second squared.
A unit of pressure. Frequently used to measure the pressure of a working fluid or the strength of the concrete used in a slab.
Pressure based on a reference point of zero pressure, or perfect vacuum. Gauge pressure plus atmospheric pressure. Typically used in terms of weather, aviation, or navigation, it’s important to note the basis point for a pressure measurement.

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