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Automatic Reordering System

automatic reordering system
An automatic reordering system orders merchandise when stock-on-hand reaches a pre-determined reorder point. An automatic reorder can be generated by a computer on the basis of a perpetual inventory system and reorder point calculations.

A reorder point (ROP) is a specific level at which your stock needs to be replenished.

Automated inventory reorder points help businesses operate more efficiently. Reorder points allow businesses to make data-driven decisions quickly about ordering inventory, without having to start over every time. A data-based approach saves time and helps to optimize inventory levels and meet customer demand without going out of stock.

Some inventory management systems also offer automated inventory control, purchase order generation, and reporting features.  Automated systems allow businesses to constantly update their inventory records through barcode scanners, reducing the need for manual counts. By automating orders, retailers can save time and reduce manual error.


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